Notes on attending our shoots:

(1)  It is required that members notify the Secretary by e mail at least 3 days before, if intending to attend any shoot date, including AM, PM or both (applies to Kingsbury only), for assessing if the shoot is viable or not and for Registration Purposes. This is very important, so please help us try and get it right, along with squading where required.

(2)  Produce your membership ID Card, Safe shooter card & Lanyard. Be early for Range Briefings.  New requirement:  All members MUST produce their FAC when signing at registration on the ranges. 

Note 6 of the Home Office Shooting Club Approval Document states that: 'an attendance register should be kept of all members. In the case of a firearm held on a member's firearm certificate, the register will record the calibre, type and serial number of the firearm(s) used and the date. All visiting shooters should be logged in the same way. In the case of competition shoots between clubs, the responsibility for recording the attendance of a team member will lie with the club that the shooter represents. In the case of open competitions, the organising club will record details of competitors. Clubs should retain their attendance records for a minimum of 6 years'.

(3)  All Shoots: Please be there for 08.00 to booking-in,  08.30 Range Briefing (if missed ie not there at 08.30 you will not shoot), 09.00 first shot.

       Do Not go down to the Butts until you have received your range briefing.


Please note that Club Rifles & Ammo should be available at most shoots, but PLEASE notify at least 4 days before the shoot, calibre required, along with ammunition. (At - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)  

Check regular for update, as due to military activity, our bookings can change quickly.

Do not take any booking as "Set in Stone".