All members and affiliated clubs attending ODRC events must be fully aware of the clubs policy on Range Safety, failure to abide by these range rules and guidelines will result in a warning being issued by the R.C.O - no matter how minor the incident, a further repetition will result in that person being asked to leave the range immediately.

Any person deliberately disobeying these rules will not be given a warning, instead they will be asked to leave the range and further action may be taken. One serious breach of range safety could mean the loss of the range to the entire club/s.

ODRC have impeccable safety records and to ensure our futures we need to keep it that way. It is essential that we maintain good relations with the MOD in order to maintain future range bookings, and continue developing a mutual respect and trust.

Please take note of the following :-

 1) All participants are to sign the club attendance register.  Registration starts at 08.00 hrs, unless otherwise stated.

 2) All participants (shooters) are to attend a Range brief (08.30hrs) before firing can commence. Late arrivals will not be allowed to shoot.

 3) In the event of a large turn out, the R.C.O may decide that participants are not to accommodate firing pits or positions until shooters have been split into squads, this is to ensure that overcrowding does not occur and that the R.C.O is able to manage the number of shooters in a safe manner.

 4) Anyone unsure of the 'arc of fire' must ask for confirmation before engaging any targets.

 5) If hard targets are out of bounds then no person should engage such a target, or other targets directly in front of a known hard target, be aware of what lies beyond your target. Anyone deliberately engaging hard targets that have been deemed out of bounds will be asked to leave the firing point.

 6) Only official targets or targets approved by the R.C.O may be engaged, these will generally be paper/card/soft aluminum. The R.C.O will indicate the type of target during the range brief.

 7) On some ranges, E.T.R targets may not be used by large calibers such as .338, 50cal and above, the R.C.O will advise on the day.

 8) The R.C.O will advise on the use of Tracer Ammunition.

 9) It is strictly forbidden to fire at livestock (such as sheep) on any FFA, if animals can be seen loitering near targets then alternative targets are to be engaged, or a cease fire called in order that the animals can be moved to a safer area.

10) All weapons are to be cleared by the R.C.O or a nominated R.O before removal from the firing point. It is also advisable to insert a “breach flag” when a rifle is not in use.

11) On hearing the command 'Stop stop stop' or another signal (made clear in the Range brief) such as a whistle, all shooters must immediately cease fire, put the weapon on the ground, and stand away from the weapon. The R.C.O will then issue further command/s regarding safety for all shooters.


 It is very important that you understand the above and carry out requests from the Range Conducting Officer, as we must be seen to be responsible people. The future of your shooting is at stake, as well as the integrity of shooting clubs using military ranges.

If you have any Questions, or wish to comment on the above, then please contact a Club Official.

All Shoots: Please be there for 08.00 to booking-in,  08.30 Range Briefing (if missed ie not there at 08.30 you will not shoot), 09.00 first shot.

Do Not go down to the Butts until you have received your range briefing.