G Range

Target type: reactive

Max muzzle energy 4500 joules

Max range 350yds

Location:  Post code: None   Map reference 52.056531,-3.612735


J Range

Gallary range  (which means half of the time you will be a signed to a squad to mark the targets)

Max range 600yds.  J3a: 1000yds

Max Cal:  338 LM   HME:  usually first thing.

Location:  Post code: None   Map reference 52.049320,-3.623403

F Range

Field fire range  Please note: Currently no bookings until MOD sort out arc of fire mapping.

Target type: reactive

Max range 1600yds

Location at rear of Fibua German Village.  Post code: None  Map reference 52.035386,-3.609438