Next Shoots:   (Last updated 16th Feb 2019)                         


1) Kingsbury "A" Range (Weather)   

Sunday 24th February 2019

Start - 0830 for 0900 hrs    Finish - 1600 hrs

Max Calibre - 338 Lap Mag    HME Test 1st thing at 200 yds. 




Notes on attending our shoots:

(1)  Please see the Membership Section for new Information on Safe Shooter Cards etc.

(2)  It is required that members notify the Secretary by e mail, if intending to attend any shoot date, including AM, PM or both, for assessing if the shoot is viable or not and for Registration Purposes. This is very important, so please help us try and get it right, along with squading where required.

Also, to minimise loss of revenue.  (email Secretary)

(3)  Field Fire Areas. As of late 2017, there are problems with the MOD NOT allowing civilian clubs to use Field Fire Areas such as Sennybridge "F" Range, Warcop etc, regardless of calibre. They say that they can't provide "Arc of Fire" traces at the moment. This is a temporary situation and we will keep you posted on developments.

 (4) Don't forget your membership ID Card, Safe shooter card & Lanyard. Be early for Range Briefings.

Please note that Club Rifles & Ammo should be available at most shoots, but PLEASE Notify if needed & Calibre  required, along with Ammunition, before the shoot dates. (At - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Also, see links Above & Below for Weather & Satellite Views of Ranges Used.          

Check regular for update, as due to Military activity, our bookings can change quickly.

Do not take any booking as "Set in Stone".