19th November  The MOD are now using Kingsbury B range on the 24th November at short ranges, therefore the club can not run its normal program and the shoot as now been cancelled.

12th November  The 2020 membership renewal forms have now been added to this web site (see the Membership Menu).  Also there is a new application form for prospective members.

11th November  Some good news, we have received confirmation from the MOD that the remaining 4 confirmed booking's should run

4th November  Kingsbury A range on Saturday 9th November has been cancelled.  Due to MOD requirements on B range

13th October At this moment in time there are only 7 more shoots left this year.  Part of the Home Office Approval requires the Club to inform the police of any member who has not shot in the current year.

4th October  

bad news all Rogiet Moor shoots have been cancelled due to the range failing a safety inspection, this was revealed yesterday at the monthly Range Conference at Sennybridge, I am of the understanding that an inspection by the Safety Inspectorate reported that the Mantlet is 300mm to low and needs to be raised. the work involved in carrying this out is extensive as it effects the SARTS coffins and safety barriers to be raised also the hythe frames need to be raised. after discussion with both DIO and Landmarc staff it became clear that they have no idea when this work will commence let alone finish. Will keep you informed as and when I hear anything.

20th September   The MOD has applied a temporary ban on any calibre bigger than a .308/7.62 to all Sennybridge ranges and Rogiet Moor and Kingsbury.

For the same ranges they have also banned black powder and muzzle loading.

We will of course be fighting to get this changed, I will let you know when that happens.

if you want cancel due to the information above, just send an email or use the buttons on the calendar pay with the word "cancel" and your mem no. You can do me a favour by not replying to this mail, as I still have 100 mails re rifle register and another 100 range bookings to process.  

Contact emails: I am getting lots of members saying they are not receiving my emails, the issue is your email supplier, main culprits are Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo.  They try to be clever by seeing the email has 353 recipients and they put it in your spam/junc mail box.  Then to be even more clever they delete them after a few weeks.  You have two options change supplier or add my email addresses to your contacts and that should stop this happening, so over to you to solve the problem.

I've recently found 3 members still trying to email me in my old Outlook accounts rather than Gmail.  The correct email are on the website under contacts.


Simon Wheeler

ODRC Membership Secretary

18th September  Please welcome GORDON GREEN as club secretary.  Please see the contact page.

9th September:   Some shooters are asking why are changes required to the range register.  The club feels the new system is the best way to comply with Home Office requirements and securely keep this information.  The new register will also save shooters time at registration.  

Note 6 of the Home Office Shooting Club Approval Document states that: 'an attendance register should be kept of all members. In the case of a firearm held on a member's firearm certificate, the register will record the calibre, type and serial number of the firearm(s) used and the date. All visiting shooters should be logged in the same way. In the case of competition shoots between clubs, the responsibility for recording the attendance of a team member will lie with the club that the shooter represents. In the case of open competitions, the organising club will record details of competitors. Clubs should retain their attendance records for a minimum of 6 years'.

2nd September:  Club Guns and Ammo:  Please request at least 4 days before the shoot date. And collect them before the range briefing.

Booking Shoots:  Please make your Shoot bookings at least 3 days before the shoot.

26 August:  The membership secretary on 26 August sent out a email headed Home Office Approval Changes Required, if you have not received this or not yet responded please contact him This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


14 August:   Due to new requirements all members MUST produce their firearms certificate when signing the register

All Shoots: Please be there for 08.00 to booking-in08.30 Range Briefing (if missed ie not there at 08.30 you will not shoot), 09.00 first shot.

Do Not go down to the Butts until you have received your range briefing.